Concrete treatment

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  • Protection against water
  • Clear finish
  • Protection against oil
  • Coloured finish
  • Protection against graffitis
  • Protection against chlorides and corrosion
  • Air purifier
  • Wet look finish
  • Adhesion primer
  • Cleaning of efflorescences, cement residues
  • Cleaning of greasy stains
  • Protection against efflorescence
ProtectGuard® Color

Coloured concrete stain, water and oil-repellent. Standard or High Jewellery shades

ImperGuard® RF

Water-repellent, chloride and corrosion protection. Compliant with Standard EN 1504-2

Dtox Guard® Ext

Decontaminating and self-cleaning stain to purify external air

Primer Guard®

Adhesion primer for two-component products for all types of concretes