Concrete protection

The best solution to preserve buildings



Our clear protection stains prevent water ingress and eliminate negative effects caused by humidity (erosion, degradation due to continuous ‘freezethaw’ cycles, efflorescence, saltpeter, development of micro-organisms, etc.)


Our protection products make materials more resistant to staining, oil and atmospheric pollution. They make maintenance easier and ensure the longevity and quality of building renovations.

Protection anti-graffitis

Our protection products create a barrier that prevents deep penetration of ink and paint pigments into porous materials. Once a material is treated, graffiti can be easier to remove with antigraffiti products from theGraffiGuard® range.

Products respectful of materials

Our protection products are impregnation products. They penetrate into materials without forming a film. They do not blister or flake.

Invisible once dry, they do not modify the
materials characteristics or colour. They are UV resistant and do not get yellow with time.

The permeability loss of moisture for a treated material is less than 10% (result calculated in accordance with the 52615 standard).

Products tested and approved worldwide

Our protection products have proven great efficiency on the most iconi projects around the world: Vatican columns, Moscow university, Tian An Men square, Louis Vuitton foundation…

Their effectiveness has been proven by many international testing centres. Find out more about our certifications

A ten year efficiency

Our expertise in oil and water repellency allows us to provide a ten-year worldwide guarantee (insurance contract subscribed with AXA company).
This guarantee is valid only for those ProtectGuard® applications made by an approved building professional.