About us

Barnabé Wayser
Guard Industry's CEO
« What is the common point between St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, the Petit Palais, Moscow university, Tian An Men square, Westminster streets, Qatar National Museum, Marseillaise tower, Paris Orthodox Church, Hanoi airport and soon your house?

Look no further, Guard Industry’s products have been used on all these projects ! Contact us to know more about our solutions. Trust us and let us take care of your real estate investments.

Guard Industry is the aesthetic solution for building materials, the finishing touch that makes a big difference ! »

For more than 30 years,
we have been a partner for all your projects

The French leader in materials preservation

At Guard Industry we manufacture innovative and environmentally friendly products designed to preserve the heritage and beauty of houses and buildings.

Guard Industry is a fast-growing family business. With more than 30 years of experience in cleaning, protecting and embellishing materials, we support our customers on a daily basis in all their projects, whether they are flagship or more private.

Our unique knowledge is the result of 30 years of research and laboratory testing to develop the most effective, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable certified products.

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The French small-to-medium industrial business that is taking over the world

Our factories in Paris and Toulouse manufacture millions of litres of cleaning and protective solutions for stone, concrete, wood, tiles, etc.

We have developed four ranges of products to clean, protect, embellish and treat building materials. Our products are suitable for every building material: limestone, marble, granite, slate, tiles, concrete, brick, terracotta, wood… No surface is beyond our reach.

Our products are exported to more than sixty countries through our network of distributors and branches. Our knowledge has enabled us to work on exceptional sites: Tiananmen Square, the Vatican Columns, the Qatar National Museum and the Tour la Marseillaise.

Our four main markets

We manufacture around 100 different products for 4 main markets.

  • We sell our products to large retail stores such as DIY stores, materials or paint shops, as well as on main e-commerce sites to clean, treat, protect and embellish materials.
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  • We sell our concrete stains and permanent anti-graffiti treatments to licensed applicators whom we train and support directly or via technical merchants.
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  • We sell high-tech products to the concrete industry and precast companies for the protection and embellishment of concrete and for the cleaning and maintenance of equipment & materials. Discover our solutions for concrete manufacturers
  • We have developped a complete range of  CE marked products approved in compliance with the EN 1504. This range is dedicated to deep protection of infrastructures. Discover our solutions for infrastructures

Take care of materials

We have developed 4 ranges of products to clean, protect and embellish building materials. We have implemented a simple identification system, using a colour code for each type of use.
  • Cleaning
  • Protection
  • Decoration and protection
  • Treatment and mineralizing

A team that supports your projects

Guard Industry is a French and international team with a wide range of nationalities and ages. Our employees support projects all over the world. Guard Industry has all the necessary skills to take you from the design of the product to its implementation on your site. Do you have a project? contact us! We are here to help you.

Key figures :

  • A French family business
    for more than 30 years
  • A dozen of
  • A presence in
    60 countries
  • 100 millions
    of m² treated
  • 3 millions litres
    produced per year