Our awards

Many awards for our comittment

For several years, we have been amply rewarded for the quality of our products, our green commitment and our investment in research and development. These awards testify to the performance of our team and products. Find out more about our awards.

  • Guard Industrie got the
    silver medal in the
    “9th Business Managers Awards”
  • Guard Industrie winner of “Best
    Ecological Solutions Company” and
    “Award for Innovation in Green Infrastructure”
    at the Global Venture Awards 2018
  • ProtectGuard DTOX winner of the
    Global Venture Awards 2018 for
    “Best Eco Surface Protection Product”
  • ProtectGuard DTOX, winner of the
    “Sustainable Building Awards 2016”
  • Guard Remover Eco Efflorescence & Cement
    was awarded the “2012 i.d. trophy”
  • ProtectGuard was awarded
    the“Éco Trophées 93” in the
    Éco-products category
  • Guard Industrie was awarded
    the “2008 Ambition prize,
    International category”
  • Guard Industrie was selected
    among strategic companies to
    take part in the “PM’up” program
  • Guard Industrie is one of the
    “200 builders of tomorrow”
    selected to represent French innovation

Our references

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Luma foundation
Gleizé (France)
Cepovett head office
Tours-Bordeaux (France)
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