Budin day care centre

Paris (France)

A baby-skin effect for a nursery

Located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, the Budin day care centre is a low- energy building designed by the ECDM agency to host toddlers. The building is surprising with its wavy façade made of Ductal® prefabricated panels. The wavy panels play with the light. Bright reflections of the protruding parts respond to the shadows of the more recessed areas.The finishing of the exterior façade in Ductal® prefabricated panels was entrusted to Guard Industrie for its unique expertise in concrete protection and embellishment. To colour and protect the structure, the architect chose ProtectGuard® Color AntiGraffiti Basic White in 100% opacity for an immaculate white finish. The glossy finish and final sanding increases the «glossy» effect and makes the facade as smooth as a baby’s skin to capture maximum luminosity.

• Architect: ECDM
• Precast concrete company: Bonna Sabla / Il Cantiere
© Luc Boegly

The prodcut

ProtectGuard® Color AntiGraffiti

Coloured concrete stain, water and oil-repellent + permanent anti-graffiti. Standard or High Jewellery shades