EDF campus

Saclay (France)

Custom-made shades for the French Silicon Valley

Built around some of France’s leading scientific institutions, the Saclay campus will be a focal point for intellectual and industrial creativity. In the heart of this campus, EDF’s training centre was built by the architecture agency ECDM. To protect and decorate the Ductal® facade, architect chose ProtectGuard® Color AntiGraffiti. Two custom-made colours were created by Guard Industrie for this stunning project: a grey brown and a light grey.

• Architect: ECDM
• Precast concrete company: Betsinor
© Jérémy Bernier

The prodcut

ProtectGuard® Color AntiGraffiti

Coloured concrete stain, water and oil-repellent + permanent anti-graffiti. Standard or High Jewellery shades