Our history

Once upon a time, Guard Industrie

Since 1989, Guard Industrie has been supporting clients, private or professionnals, with their construction projects. For the last 30 years, Guard Industrie has been in constant evolution to adapt its products and services to new market demands. From family-business to international company, here are the key dates of our history.

The origin
Creation of the company and marketing of treatment products for textiles: the TexGuard range
The development
Invention of the ProtectGuard range for the treatment of mineral surfaces. Marketing in professionnal and DIY stores
A great step forward
First wide-ranging projects and beginning of sales worldwide
Launch of ProtectGuard Color
Creation of the decoration range of products with ProtectGuard Color products
Internalisation of the production in Toulouse
Change of management
Barnabé Wayser becomes CEO. Alain Wayser, founder of Guard Industrie, becomes president of the supervisory board
Launch of Guard Tech
Patents and development of the Guard Tech range for the concrete industry
Launch of ProtectGuard Color High Jewellery
New range of concrete stains with "High Jewellery" colours and metallic, pearlescent, iridescent effects
Guard Industrie celebrates 30 years
In 2019, Guard Industrie means 100 millions of m² treated, 2 factories, 6 subsidiary companies or JV abroad, about 100 products manufactured and sold in about 60 countries
Construction of a new factory
Guard Industrie officially launches the construction project of a new factory + laboratory in Toulouse region

Our references

Porto Alegre (Brazil)
Ibere Camargo foundation
Marseille (France)
Marseillaise tower
Aubervilliers (France)
Chanel Fashion Manufacture