Building materials manufacturers

Are you a building materials manufacturer? Would you like to add value to your products? We can tailor a solution to your needs..

Guard Industrie is committed to research and development and to be at the forefront of technology and always produce more innovative and superior quality products. For this reason many building materials manufacturers have total confidence in our abilities and use the unique technology we have available.

The solutions we offer are:

Guard Industrie answers manufacturer’s expectations by providing personalised products responding to their individual specifications. Our laboratory carries out tests to the material being treated, taking into account its properties, the production process as well as the customer’s need to find the most appropriate solution.
Adapted to resolve a range of problems
Guard Industrie offers a range of products resulting from a research and development program which enables a building material manufacturer to protect their products against all types of damage such as water, oil, dirt, pollution, parasitic vegetation, natural organisms... In addition to simple protection, Guard Industrie has developed decoration products which correct defects by unifying the colour of a surface or to provide a different colour to a surface without changing its aesthetics or minerality.
Adapted to all kinds of surface
A product can be selected from our range that is perfectly suited for a specific surface such as concrete, plaster, granite, marble, wood, stone, stucco...
Original products
Our products are impressive when compared to our competition by their high efficiency and major environmental credentials. Most of our products are biodegradable, water based, silicone free, solvent free, containing no or little Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and are not dangerous to either humans or the environment
Some of the different solutions we are able to offer :

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